Welcome to Aile Studio, where we do small things with great love.

Aile Studio is made up of a team of young and passionate wedding cinematographers in Bali who aim to capture your most intimate day without taking away from the magic of it all. We love what we do. To us, every wedding is an adventure, one we feel honoured to be a part of. As Bali wedding videographers, we have a burning desire to tell your story. Every morning we jump out of bed with eager anticipation to bring our client’s story and vision to life.

While we are extremely passionate about making your wedding video perfect, we also value the art of letting things unfold naturally. We believe you shouldn’t have to be poked and prodded into position. When you love the one you’re with, you naturally move yourself into their arms.

We’ve made it our mission to capture beautiful moments without intruding on them. We see ourselves as documentarians, waiting to capture the perfect moment. We like to see each moment blend into the next, believing that the only good wedding video is one that is sincere and honest.

Each wedding we have the honour to shoot is a learning experience for us. We stay humble, and recognise that there is always room for us to grow. Regardless, our combine years of experience and natural talent separate us from other wedding cinematographers in Bali.